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About RPC & LCC


Paddle with passion

There are moments on the water that are unequalled.  A child may splash joyfully across a lake with youthful abandon; whereas a seasoned veteran of many years knows that each stroke of their blade can lead to adventure or tranquility. Paddling is a life choice, open to every age and ability. 

We represent the paddlers, volunteers, members and families of the Lakehead Canoe Club; a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting paddlesports in Thunder Bay and the surrounding communities, within north-western Ontario.  We currently operate the Regional Paddlesport Centre, located on Boulevard Lake, within the heart of the city’s most people-friendly park.  We provide instruction and paddling opportunities in a wide range of watercraft; canoes, kayaks, outriggers, dragon boats and war canoe.  Whether you are a competitive or recreational paddler, we attempt to cater to your needs

The Regional Paddlesport Centre is a building; but it is also a concept that we hope will encourage others to achieve their personal best.  It is a training field for athletes, a home base to those that inspire through coaching, and a meeting place for volunteers that serve our community selflessly.  If you are like me, then the RPC is a place where I go to paddle, for the simple pleasure of being 'one' with the water.



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